Everything about E-Flight Caribbean!

On January 24 we announced that E-Flight will open a branch on Bonaire in May. From that moment on we were overwhelmed with nice comments and questions! To keep everyone informed, we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers on this page! 

E-Flight Caribbean FAQs

Why is it called E-Flight Caribbean and not E-Flight Bonaire? 
We are starting on Bonaire but we see endless possibilities and collaborations in the field of innovation and sustainability throughout the Caribbean. The short distances between the islands, the sustainable ambitions and the goodwill of local parties make this area the perfect playground to accelerate electric flying. 

When will E-Flight start with flying lessons on Bonaire? 
If everything goes according to plan, we will start in July on Bonaire. Evert-Jan en Merlijn were 7-11 March on Bonaire to make preparations .

How many aircraft will you start with? 
We will start on Bonaire with one fully electric aircraft of the type Pipistrel Velis Electro. That is exactly the same aircraft as we have two and three of these in Teuge.

Are you going to fly electrically between the islands? 
That's it idea! But first we'll stay on Bonaire until the next generation of electric planes comes. Working on it... :) 

What does the partnership with Green Aerolease entail? 
To anticipate rapid growth and expansion into other ABC islands, we have entered into a close partnership with the French Green Aerolease. Green Aerolease has a fleet of 50 electric aircraft that they offer as  Airplanes as a Service (AaaS) to flight schools with sustainable ambitions. So we can expand very quickly if we need more electric planes. 

Who are your instructors on Bonaire? 
One of our Dutch instructors will start things up on Bonaire during the first period. At the moment we are still looking for a Chief Flight Instructor / Flight Operations Manager (freelance) en Flight Instructors (freelance). So do you know or are you such a person? Let us hear from you soon :) 

Are you going to offer the same in Bonaire as in Teuge? 
Yes, our E-Flight products (trial lessons, gift trial lessons, PPL, LAPL, E-conversion and rent) are exactly the same on Bonaire. 

Are you going to charge the same prices in Bonaire as in Teuge? 
We strive for that. As E-Flight we want to represent one unambiguous brand worldwide where everything is always the same as much as possible. However, at the moment we do not yet have enough information about the costs to determine whether we can use the same rates in Bonaire as in Teuge. We expect to be able to provide clarity on this at the end of March. 

Can I do part of my flight training in Teuge and part in Bonaire? 
Yes, you can! Our syllabus is exactly the same everywhere, so you can decide at any time to follow part of your education on Bonaire and vice versa. 

Can you get your pilot's license faster in Bonaire than in the Netherlands? 
The amount of flying hours (for your PPL there are 45, for you LAPL 30) are always the same everywhere. However, Bonaire has a much more favorable flight climate that allows much more flying. So if you decide to give your lessons a lot of gas (read kilowatts ;)) you can really make progress on Bonaire and get your license very quickly (perhaps in a few weeks). 

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