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In 2020, the first electric aircraft will be certified according to the strict requirements of EASA, the European aviation regulator. These aircraft have been specially developed for flight training. It is now possible to train pilots without emitting emissions during flight. In addition to the CO2 savings, the aircraft is also considerably quieter than conventional training aircraft.

Due to these technological developments, the ambitions of the government and the call for sustainability, we believe that flight schools should switch to electrically powered within ten years. devices. E-Flight Academy is the first organization in the Netherlands to take this step and deploy electric flying on this scale.

Our goal is to make flying more sustainable. We do this by starting where possible with the use of electric aircraft. The knowledge and experience that we gain with this will soon be necessary for the sector to be able to transport passengers with larger electrical aircraft.

Our vision for a flight school goes further than just electric flying. For example, we are developing new simulators to reduce the need to fly. We digitize all processes that you encounter during training. We are making plans to generate our own electricity through solar panels on our hangar.

The best of both worlds

Aviation meets digital

Meet Evert-Jan Feld (left) and Matthijs Collard (right). Evert-Jan started his career at the Dutch Ministry of Defense where he flew many hours on various aircraft and helicopters. In recent years he worked as a pilot, instructor and examiner at the ANWB and various flight schools. Among other things as Head of Training. With the emerging electrification of aviation, Evert-Jan saw the opportunity to start a new flight school.

Matthijs only had flying experience as a passenger. Yes, those were holiday flights. And in recent years, he wasn't exactly proud of that. He prefers to drive a few thousand kilometers with his electric car with his family. A few years ago, he wondered whether he could do something to make aviation more sustainable. He freed himself from his role as director and digital designer at his design agency, went in search and met Evert-Jan.

Where Evert-Jan focuses on the quality of the training, Matthijs works on digitization of the processes and an ultimate customer experience. Also outside of flying.

Our aircraft


The PH-EFL and PH-ZEF were produced in northeastern Italy in March 2021. A revolutionary aircraft. The first electric aircraft that fully complies with the strict European regulations. EFL, of course, stands for E-Flight.

Single-engine Piston

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the full training course in 100% electrical aircraft. For the mandatory longer flights, we fly with a Pipistrel Virus SW 121. This aircraft is identical in dimensions to the Velis, and dates from 2018.

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Your classroom

You will find us at Teuge airport in the most beautiful hangar of this airport: E-Deck. Here, you will find the aircraft of the future, standing alongside the classics.

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