Training courses at E-Flight Academy

We offer three courses. For novice pilots we have the popular PPL (Private Pilot License) and the affordable LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot License) for the novice pilot. For aviators already in possession of a license, we also offer conversion training with which you can also fly electrically anywhere on the Pipistrel Velis Electro.

The whole package (PPL)

With a PPL you can fly any aircraft, as long as you meet the requirements for flying the aircraft and receive no compensation for doing so.

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Light package (LAPL)

With a Light Airplane Pilot License (LAPL) you can fly within Europe with a maximum of 3 non-commercial passengers in single-engine aircraft.

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Wordt vlieginstructeur

Maak van je hobby je werk. Volg onze Instructeursopleiding.

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Night Rating

De volgende stap in jouw pilotenreis. Nieuwe uitdagingen, nieuwe skills.

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Verdien je geld als piloot

Volg de CPL opleiding bij E-Flight Academy op een duurzame manier

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