SEP Renewal (piston)

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Get your Single Engine Piston/Power Class Rating at E-Flight Academy.

Who is it for?

Do you have a LAPL or higher? Or are you a commercial pilot but do not have a SEP rating? Then do the Single Engine Piston / Power training with us. You will be training in our Pipistrel Virus, with single piston engine, or the fully electric Pipistrel Velis.


  • At least three 1-hour flying lessons on the Pipistrel  121 SW Virus , or four 45 minute flying lessons on the Pipistrel 128 Velis.
  • At least 10 landings (10 landings are included in the price, if more landings are necessary, this is based on subsequent calculation)
  • 1 hour aircraft rental (1 flight Virus or possibly 2 flights Velis) for the exam flight (if longer is necessary, this is based on subsequent calculation)


During the practical training, a piece of theory is also given. Count on 8 hours of theory together with the instructor and 8 hours of home study. ... During the exam, the theoretical knowledge is tested orally by the examiner.

Good to know

  • A single engine class rating can be achieved on an electric or fuel model. If you want to be able to fly on both variants, we recommend that you first get a SEP class rating on the fuel model and then do the E-conversion to our electric model. No exam is required for the E-conversion. If you choose to obtain the SEP class rating on an electric device, you are not allowed to just fly with a fuel model and vice versa.
  • For a SEP class rating you already need a valid LAPL or PPL. A higher certification such as CPL or ATPL is of course also possible.
  • In addition to the 'dual' SEP practical training, LAPL holders also have to make 10 solo take-offs and landings under the supervision of the instructor. A flight of one and a half hours is planned for this (Virus) or two flights of 45 minutes (Velis). Let us know when this is the case.
  • You must have a medical certificate of at least class 2.
  • The examiner and the exam costs are not included in the price (count on 250 euros for an examiner). The landing fees during the exam are also not included. These will be charged after the exam. 
  • The above practice program is the minimum number of hours. Depending on the person, more training may be required.
  • If you are allowed to fly both piston and electric after the training, you must keep track of the validity for both. Unfortunately, this does not apply to 'cross-crediting' in the legislation.
  • If you have ever owned a SEP but have let it expire and want to make it valid again, please contact us for more info. This also applies if you have to make a training flight for 'revalidation'. A modified syllabus is often possible.

Agree date and time

You can directly reserve the slots by selecting "choose date and time" on this page. If you don't know the date/time yet, that's no problem, we'll send you the information to book later.