man becomes the first in the world to obtain his pilot's license in an electric airplane

Nederlander haalt als eerste ter wereld zijn vliegbrevet in een elektrisch vliegtuig

Ruben Fürste (examiner), Edwin van Voorthuizen (private pilot), Eelke Monsma (instructor)

Teuge 20 April 2022 - Edwin van Voorthuizen is the first pilot in the world to have obtained his pilot's license in an electric aircraft (the Pipistrel Velis Electro). This took place at International Airport Teuge (near Apeldoorn) at E-Flight Academy

First-hour student
E-Flight Academy started training pilots in two fully electric airplanes last May, making it the first in Europe. Edwin was a student from the very beginning. Even before flying one hour electrically, he passed all his theory exams in one go. 8 months ago, he flew solo for the first time. And on Wednesday morning, April 20th, he became the world's first pilot to obtain his license in an electric airplane. 

Many more e-pilots on the way
E-Flight Academy currently has 30 active students and receives 25 registrations per month for a trial lesson. The fleet of electric airplanes in Teuge will be expanded with an additional aircraft this month. New E-Flight branches will be opened in Germany and Bonaire this summer. E-Flight Academy notices a significant increase in demand for electric flying and expects to deliver many more e-pilots in the near future. 

Evert-Jan Feld (co-owner E-Flight), Edwin van Voorthuizen (private pilot)

About E-Flight
E-Flight believes in a world with a quiet and clean airspace where everyone wants and can continue to fly without guilt. By inspiring as many people as possible to embrace electric flying, E-Flight hopes to play an accelerating role in the global aviation sustainability. 

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