Wanted: Intern Pilot Training Electric Aircraft

What: Intern Pilot Training Electric Aircraft 
When: Semester 2 (February) or flexible
Where: E-Flight Academy HQ Teuge or remote from home

Assignment description
Currently more than 300 companies are designing and developing electric aircraft. In the near future these aeroplanes will fly on a regular basis. Probably there will be pilots to operate these aircraft. There will be conventional pilots, remote pilots and… autopilots. As a flight school operating electric aircraft we want to research the future of pilot training for these new type of aircrafts. How big is the demand? What players are currently moving? What type of pilots are necessary? What pre-training or licenses are required? What type of training is needed? What are good locations to train this next generation? How can E-Flight Academy position itself to provide the appropriate training at the best possible locations?

Required competencies and/or skills

  • Genuine interest in pilot training and the developments of electric aviation
  • Good analytical mind
  • Good at desk research and data drilling
  • Self-starter

Application process:

  • send your CV and motivation to hello@eflight.nl
  • Deadline: January 7th 2023
  • Online meeting (30 min), 1 hour meeting and tour at Teuge Airport, When there is a match we can start filling in the forms.